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Japanese cosmetic

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Shiseido HAKU Whitening Skincare
Shiseido ANESSA Sunscreen Skincare
Shiseido ELIXIR Superior
Majolica Majorca Fantastic Pointmake

Information - -

Japanese Cosmetics and Skincare items are world renowned for their high quality and reliability. Not only is there a wide variety of Skincare items to choose from, including those for oily skin, normal skin and dry skin, most skincare items also have dry feel, normal, moisture and rich moisture types. For Pointmakes or Haircolors, an immense variety of colors can be selected from to satisfy users’ diverse needs.

Recently, we have learned that users around the world are extremely knowledgeable about the diversified selection of cosmetics to chose from made in Japan. Charmdor Site takes pride in exporting most Japanese Cosmetic, Skincare and Haircare items made by Shiseido, KOSE, Kanebo, KAO and others shown as follows: // Our Sub Site shows: Kao, Isehan(Kiss Me), Kose Cosmeport, Rohto, Kracie, Koji, Dariya, Mandom, SANA, Meishoku, COW, Hoyu, Naris Up, etc.
We are able to supply you with product information you may require such as ingredient lists, Manufacture names and addresses, etc. for your FDA registration.

We hope you will consider adding Japanese cosmetics and skincare items to your Web shopping item, and if you have question, please feel free to contact us anytime for further information.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Reliability - -

Charmdor is a licensed wholesaler and exporter in Japan for Japanese cosmetics, skincare brands. Our over 20 years experiences provide trusted and reliable quick & stable exporting services direct from Japan.

Product Warranty: Charmdor can provide our customers 1 year product warranty from the shipment date because we are licensed official wholesaler for Japanese Cosmetics. In case of any quality trouble, Charmdor will take full cares for settlement under our charge. There is nothing for you to lose in case of quality trouble. Charmdor delivers our Japanese Cosmetics with confidence.
Please contact us for more information on Japanese Cosmetics and shipping.

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SHISEIDO brand cosmetics / skincare

Shiseido Maqullage, HAKU, ANESSA, ELIXIR Superieur, ELIXIR White, Majolica Majorca, INTEGRATE, Integrate Gracy, Aqua Label, etc.

KOSE brand cosmetics / skincare


KANEBO brand cosmetics / skincare

Kanebo Cofflet Dor, KATE, SUISAI, etc

Products Guarantee

All of our Cosmetic, Skincare products are full quality guaranteed for one year.