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Business Reliability

Charmdor Japanese Cosmetic Site is cosmetic items wholesaler/exporter for more than 30 major Japanese brands on Pointmakes, Skincares, Haircares, Bodycares. From our over 20 years export experience, we have high reliability from foreign customers in reasonable price deal with quick shipment operation.
Our handling products are all 1 year guarantee for its quality from shipment, as all our handling items are delivered from original brand makers or these brand appointed agent. So please feel free to handle our product with confidence.

General information

Currently Japanese cosmetic brands has a highest reputation in the world for its effectiveness. Originally Japanese skincare items are designed and pruduced for yellow-skincolor user target, so for Asian peoples, most of Japanese brands are well known and easily accepted for its real effectiveness and its confortable skin condition. And now Japanese skincares and pointmakes are worldwidely popular and accepted for its effectiveness and confortable apply feeling.
Now please visit our several brands and try to select your customers favorable brands and items and advise us for business communication.
*This site is for wholesellers-importers or retail shoppers only. This is not internet shopping site for Private User. Sorry!

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SHISEIDO brand cosmetics / skincare

Shiseido Maqullage, HAKU, ANESSA, ELIXIR Superieur, ELIXIR White, Majolica Majorca, INTEGRATE, Integrate Gracy, Aqua Label, etc.

KOSE brand cosmetics / skincare

SEKKISEI, SEKKISEI Supreme, Hada Kiwami

KANEBO brand cosmetics / skincare

Kanebo Cofflet Dor, KATE, SUISAI, etc

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Products Guarantee

All of our Cosmetic, Skincare products are full quality guaranteed for one year.