Basic Business Condition for Customer

= Our policy: Newest Cosmetics in Quick Supply =
We provide the newest and the very best selection of Japanese cosmetics direct from Japan to you all over the world. Then we usually recommend shipment by Air Courrier Service because most important thing in cosmetics or new fashionable good is sales timing.

[1] Minimum Order Amount: Jpy 0.5 million
Each item quantity could accept minimum 6 pcs bases, then select 30-50 items for Products for Pointmake, Skincare, Haircares, etc. to reach total amount Jpy 0.5 million around.
If your one order amount reaches amount Jpy 2 million, cheaper price and better condition are prepared for regular customers.
[2] Shipment: 10-14 days from payment arrival for Air Shipment.
For Sea Shipment, extra 6-10days will be required before vessel left.
[3] Shipment method:
Air freight or Air courrier service / Sea shipment service

[4] Payment: Advance Bank Remittance in Japanese Yen
For further detail we could discuss by email individually. Thank you !!