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2016-2017 New Shiseido Main Brand Lineup

New Cosmetics shown in brand page with Arrow Mark  - End. March 2017 updated -
F-1 : Main Shiseido Cosmetic Brands
2016 New Maquillage with new release
2016 Updated ELIXIR White and ELIXIR Superieur with New items
Popular Shiseido F-1 series which becomes popular recently
2017 New HAKU Melano Releaser / Melano Defence / Melano Focus 3D(45g)(30g) / Melano Shield Mask

F-2 : FITIT and Toiletry
From 2016, Shiseido changed Production groups: Shiseido Fine Toiletry: 2016 Ma Cherie Haircares
From 2016, Shiseido changed Production Groups: Shiseido Fine Toiletry : World wide Popular Men's Hair Stylers - several Hair Wax, Hair Colors, and facecares
2016 New Aqua Label / Base Makeup, AQ Moistcare, Whitening care, Supple Lifting care
2016 New ANESSA Perfect UV Aqua Booster series, Essence UV Aqua Booster Series, Perfect Facial UV Aqua Booster series, etc
The Collagen Tablets and Drinks, as well as Skin Vital Cream / Tablet /Drinks, Calorie Control Slimming Suppliment etc

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