Thank you for your access to our Webs !! is a long-experienced exporter for many Japanese cosmetic brands shown below, and we have a good reputation from world customers for high reliability and quick and right operation for shipment. For correct products supply to customers, we use item ID both Products JAN code(last 6 digit) and English Name with our "Web page ID"(4-5digit). This is our method of product identification.
Our main handling Brands
    SHISEIDO F-1 Items[Maquillage,ELIXIR,HAKU,PRIOR,etc]
    SHISEIDO F-2 Fitit[ANESSA,Aqua Label,Integrate,Majolica]
    SHISEIDO Fine Toiletry[Tsubaki,Ma Cherie,UNO,Perfect Senka]

    KOSE F-1 Items[Sekkisei,Sekkisei Supreme,Junkisui, Seikisho, etc]
    KOSE F-2 Cosmenience[visee, facio, etc]
    KOSE Cosmeport Toiletry[Softymo, Salon Style, Clear Turn, etc]

    KANEBO F-1 Items[Coffet Dor,Suisai,etc]
    KANEBO F-2 Cosmette[KATE,SALA,ALLIE,Freshel,etc]
    KRACIE Home Products[Ichikami,Hadabisei,Naive,etc]

    KAO Haircares Skincare [Biore,Segreta,Essential,Asience]
    Mandum [Gatsby,LUCIDO,Befesta,Barrior Repair,etc]

    Hoyu [Bigen, Beauteen,etc]
    Dariya Hair Coloring: Palty, Salon de Pro

    SANA, Koji, Naris Up, UTENA, COW, JuJu, etc
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