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First, please note Charmdor site does not operate internet shopping for private people. So if received email is obviously for private purpose, we may disregard and may not respond.

Charmdor : Longint is exporting main Japanese cosmetic brands to the world customers, then most of business experienced customers had full confidence to do business with Charmdor in high reliability, quick operation and several services supplying catalog, sampling, etc. So once business starts, we may have longterm relationship with customers.

When maker's brand promotional large posters or small sample sets for new cosmetic models are available, we will supply to our customers in free charge.

Our handling Japanese Brand
    SHISEIDO F-1 Items
    SHISEIDO Fine Toiletry

    KOSE F-1 Items
    KOSE F-2 Cosmenience
    KOSE Cosmeport Toiletry

    KANEBO F-1 Items

    KANEBO F-2 Cosmette
    KRACIE Home Products(separated company from KANEBO)

    KAO Haircares and Cosmetics: Segreta, Asience, Biore
    Mandum Gatsby, LUCIDO, etc

    Hoyu Hair Coloring : Bigen, Beauteen
    Dariya Hair Coloring: Palty, Salon de Pro
    SANA, Koji, Naris Up, UTENA, COW, JuJu, etc
    [details please visit our Fashion-Cosme Site swiched from Top page]

For successful business operation in your country, we believe customer need to purchase Japanese cosmetic items based on following:

[a] If your City has large Department Store and has Shiseido/Kanebo/Kose Official Cosmetic Sale Counters, you need to research main 5-6 selling brands (for example: Maquillage, ELIXIR Superieur, Esprique Precious, Coffret Dor, etc), then we need to discuss and fix your easy sellable MAIN brand with less competition with Official Counter Items.

  ** Select 3-5 main brands which are most popular and easy selling cosmetics (even same with Official counter handling)
  ** we also recommend you 2-3 qualified brands which your official counter never sell in your city.

[Note: Shiseido foreign official counter usually handle 7-10 brands only. However Shiseido Japan has more than 15 brands products sale for Japan Local market],[Kose Kanebo official counters are displayed only in big Japanese Name Department Stores or Shopping Mall in very big city, but handling items are only limited]

[b] Customer need to select New Products: new released colors / new released cosmetics/skincares and make your shoppers to be slightly different from your competitor shops on Collected New Colors/New Cosmetics Products Display.
[New Cosmetic information can be obtained by several ways: Our information, Our Web. and/or customer's own research from each Cosmetic maker's Web site : main Cosmetic Maker URLs are shown in HOME of Charmdor Site]

[c] After adopted many new released items in you stores, shop- visitors(end-users) visit your shops and talk to her friends ; and increase new visitors for your shops : your visitors finally become your Sales-Development-Staffs in your city.

Further detail for success story, we wish to communicate with buyers separately by email.
We do hope you could visit our various pages and get Japan Lady's cosmetic trends.

Thanks for your access and visit to our Web.!!

Thank you : Charmdor

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