2012 New Esprique Cosmetic Lineup

[This is New Kose Makeup Series [this is different from Esprique Precious Brand coosmetics] which is going to be main Kose Point-make brands.
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Point Make Shown Product Details Picture
Eye Make Eyeshadow 2012 Esprique Eyeshadow : [Blend Dimentional Eyes (Brilliant) Time Limit Items], Blend Dimentional Eyes (Deep) 6 colors, Blend Dimentional Eyes (Shiny) 6 colors Picture
Eye Make Mascara 2012 Esprique Mascara : Full Impression Mascara (Waterproof), Full Impression Mascara Picture
Eye Make Eyeliner 2012 Esprique Eyeliner : Crayon Eyeliner 2-color, Liquid Eyeliner 2-color Picture
Eye Make Eyebrow 2012 Esprique Eyebrow : Pencil Eyebrow 3-color, Liquid Eyebrow 3-color Picture
LIp Make Lipstick, etc New Esprique Lip Make : Bright Lasting Rouge 10 colors, Aqua Drape Rouge 20 colors Picture
Face Make Powder etc. New Esprique Face Powder : Loose Face Powder 2 colors Picture
Nail Make Nails New Esprique Nail Makeup : Pure Glow Nailcolor 10 colors, Hardener & Base Coat, Gel On Top Coat, Nail Aroma Oil (Nail Essence) Picture
Base Make Shown Product Details Picture
Base Make Foundation New Esprique Foundation : Forming Beauty Pact UV (Lasting) 7 colors, Forming Beauty Liquid UV 7 colors, Make Up Sponge (multi-use) Picture
Base Make Consealer New Esprique Consealer : Dual Consealer UV 2 colors, Light Control Stick, Shade Control Stick Picture
Base Make 1 Basecare New Esprique Basemake: Lucent Lasting Base UV 50, Pore Mat Keep UV, Flat Control Base UV Picture
Base Make 2 Basecare New Esprique Basemake: Moist Filling Base UV, Remake Gel 15g Picture
Skincares Shown Product Details Picture
Skincare Face Cleansing Cleansing Oil 150ml, Cleansing Milk 140g, Cleansing Lotion 150ml, Washing Liquid 120ml, T-Zone Clear 80g Picture
Skincare Lotion Emulsion Live Charge Lotion 200ml, Live Charge Lotion Light 200ml, Toning Lotion 200ml, Toning Lotion(Mist Type) 60ml, Moisturizer L 140ml, Moisturizer M 140ml Picture
Skincare Cream Eye Skincares Night Cream 40g, Inner Sealed Moisture 100ml, Eye Serum 15g Picture