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Shiseido Maquillage, ANESSA, Haku
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Charmdor.com is a long-experienced exporter for many Japanese cosmetic brands shown below, and we have a good reputation from world customers for high reliability and quick & right operation for shipment. For correct product supply to customers, we use item ID for product JAN code(last 6 digit) and English Name with our "Web page ID(4-5digit) shown in our Web page". Under these indication in order/enquiry list, we supply right product to customers. Please try for our operation and realize our operation. Thank you !

General information

2017 Worldwide Famous Cosmetics & Skincares are Japanese brand Products. Japanese cosmetic/skincare are mainly targetted for yellow-skin-color users (Japanese, Chinese and most of Asian users.)
Japanese Skincares are realized and proved by users for its effectiveness and impression from use, and Japanese Cosmetic products have many variety of selection in Colors / Styles / User apply feeling. Also Japanese Skincares have many different types of skin application: "dry feel", "moisture", "rich-moisture", then most of skincare includes several new ingredients like "several types of Collagen", "Coenzym Q10", "Hyaluronic Acid", "Ceramide Derivative", etc.
From many varieties, user can select most suitable skincare for user's skin condition.
Please visit our shown brands and select most suitable brand and series for your shop customers
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SHISEIDO brand cosmetics / skincare

2017 Shiseido Maqullage, HAKU, ELIXIR Superieur, ELIXIR White,ANESSA, Majolica Majorca, INTEGRATE, Integrate Gracy, Aqua Label, etc.

KOSE brand cosmetics / skincare

2017 SEKKISEI, SEKKISEI Supreme, Junkisui, Seikisho,etc.

KANEBO brand cosmetics / skincare

2017 Kanebo Cofflet Dor, KATE, SUISAI, etc

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Products Guarantee

All of our Cosmetic, Skincare products are full quality guaranteed for one year.